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Chandler Baseball Camp
Originally opened in 1958 in Chandler, Oklahoma, Bo Belcher started an international phenomenon by having boys camp out in the woods for two weeks and do nothing but play baseball.  The Chandler Baseball Camp was operation under Bo and later his son Tom from 1958-1999.

More than 18,000 campers from every state and 20 countries attended the camp, many more than once.  The legacy of Bo's vision still lives on today, as we are working with a goal of re-opening the camp in the Summer of 2012.

We will be updating the camp facilities to include new field lighting, fencing and new grass on the fields; updating and renovating the original office buildings, Belcher home and the locker room buidling.  Vision includes adding an indoor facility, 16 team dormitory and technology enhanced press box at Shean Field.  

We are also creating a non-profit entity, The Chandler Baseball Foundation, to create the Belcher Family Memorial, help us restore and preserve the original cabins, and create a scholarship for worthy campers.  As a part of our fund raising efforts, Oklahoma author Bob Burk will be writing a book on the history of the camp and its impact on the local community and the people who were a part of this cherished Oklahoma treasure.  We will be including all the names of all the campers, counselors and coaches who participated and as many pictures as possible.

We are in the process of trying to find as many camp alumni as possible.  If you or a family member ever went to the camp, please fill out the form below so we may contact you for anecdotes for the book and keep you updated on our progress.

In October of 2011, the Chandler Baseball Camp was awarded the designation of National Historic District.  We will be working over the winter to maintain the facility and start smaller repairs.  If you are in the area, please stop by and check the camp out, but please be mindful its current fragile state.  The buildings are old and cannot handle rough opening and closing of cabin doors, etc.

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The Scientific Baseball Staff
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If you are interested in regular updates on the status of the Chandler Baseball Camp, please fill out the form below and we will add you to our mailing list.  Please tell us about your stay at the camp if you ever attended!  We want to hear from you.  And please share with others you know who attended.  Fields with an asterisk are required.  Thank you for visiting our page.

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